The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.


License Number(s)
Date of Action
Abazie, Aloy JosephLVN 215836Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Adams, Tally DawnRN 845365Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Adeniran, Adeyemi LawrenceLVN 304314Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Agredano, Cassie RN 785509Suspend/Probate08/08/2017
Almazan, Ann IsabelRN 650652Reprimand with Stipulations09/12/2017
Alonzo, Graciela LVN 196751Voluntary Surrender09/15/2017
Amos, Carrie DeniseLVN 220482Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/12/2017
Andrews, Larea JamezRN 806756 & LVN 188752Reprimand with Stipulations09/12/2017
Andrews, Rose LillianRN 674691 & LVN 157250Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Anumbor, Justina UzonwanneLVN 206775Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/08/2017
Anyasinti, Theodora NnekaLVN 188481Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Appiah-Siriboe, Linda A.RN 682155Remedial Education09/07/2017
Austin, Stephanie RN 788322 & LVN 193200Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Ayesha, Rubeena AP122848, RX 13449 & RN 827700 Revoked 10/26/2017
Ayubo, Sonny Ray LlagasRN 864064Enforced Suspension09/12/2017
Bailey, Kimberly LVN 120579Voluntary Surrender10/02/2017
Bailey-Burton, Golda KimonaRN 886892Remedial Education08/23/2017
Baker, Kenneth WayneAP112491 & RN 577002Voluntary Surrender09/28/2017
Balderas, Maria ElenaLVN 232262Revoked08/02/2017
Ball, Jenna MichelleRN 781656Voluntary Surrender08/30/2017
Barnes, Lindsey KatherineRN 898451Enforced Suspension10/26/2017
Barrera, Charlene MarieLVN 186072Revoked08/08/2017
Beach, Heith LeonLVN 156277Voluntary Surrender08/01/2017
Bloys, Jennifer LeeRN 678468Remedial Education with Fine08/02/2017
Bond, Jennifer MichelleRN 898165Remedial Education10/26/2017
Border, Crystal ElaineRN 800197Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Brewster, Brandin AlanLVN 306565Voluntary Surrender09/25/2017
Briseno, Christina CanoLVN 221064Revoked10/26/2017
Broadus, Sandra RN 769641 & LVN 168295Suspend/Probate09/12/2017
Brown, Chelsea MaeLVN 315848Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Brown-Flores, Sara DeniseRN 795205Warning with Stipulations, Deferred08/08/2017
Burgess, Kimberly BethRN 689990Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Burks-Boyd, Theresa Y.LVN 167241Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Cannon, Jacob LVN 314368Revoked10/26/2017
Cantrell, William RN 861888Revoked09/12/2017
Casas, Irma GuadalupeLVN 227283Voluntary Surrender10/11/2017
Castillo, Leticia MarieLVN 305208Reprimand with Stipulations09/12/2017
Cervantez, Rene LeeRN 789901Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/12/2017
Chambers, Meagan NicoleRN 914151Enforced Suspension09/12/2017
Chavez, Steven ReneRN 851057Warning with Stipulations, Deferred08/08/2017
Christensen, Adam B.RN 811328Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Chudy, Ebelenwa BeatriceRN 705270Voluntary Surrender10/03/2017
Ciaggett, Jaya LucinaLVN 185414Revoked08/08/2017
Clanton, Debby LVN 332223Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Clement, Beatrice RN 739036 & LVN 201206Warning with Stipulations, Deferred10/26/2017
Cline, Stacy K.RN 718535Remedial Education08/21/2017
Coleman, Keri JoRN 768309 & LVN 205808Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Coleman-Smith, Stephanie AP126046 & RN 878746Remedial Education, Deferred08/23/2017
Collazo, Katherine LVN 328366Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/08/2017
Conti, Carl JohnRN 879952Revoked10/26/2017
Corpier, Susan MargaretLVN 173965Enforced Suspension10/26/2017
Corral, Daniel RN 759165Enforced Suspension10/26/2017
Crane, John BishopPTP AR RN R090820Revoked09/12/2017
Crawford, Holly RN 724335Reprimand with Stipulations10/26/2017
Cunningham, Maurie MichelleRN 599840Reprimand with Stipulations09/12/2017
Cunningham, Susan LynnRN 687896 & LVN 119326Revoked09/12/2017
Daniel, Alana MarieRN 879050Enforced Suspension10/26/2017
Daniel, Gwendolyn MaeRN 590166 & LVN 110832Remedial Education with Fine10/26/2017
Darkwah, Florence RN 744196 & LVN 186124Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Davis, Vogue R.AP107192, RX 1451 & RN 242502Voluntary Surrender09/29/2017
Day, Teresa MarieRN 607458Remedial Education, Deferred08/18/2017
Delbosque, Denise LVN 226918Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/12/2017
Delgado, Carlos RobertoLVN 325099Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/12/2017
Demille, Julie A.AP116253 & RN 659624Revoked08/08/2017
Dennis, Erica LoraineRN 868085Revoked09/12/2017
Difilippo, Irene M.RN 246477Reprimand with Stipulations10/26/2017
Dill, Warren RutledgeAP115526 & RN 687910Suspend/Probate09/12/2017
Dowell, Megan LVN 220729Enforced Suspension10/26/2017
Duhon, Sandra ElizabethRN 817191Voluntary Surrender09/25/2017
Durham, Christopher StarkLVN 319488Suspend/Probate08/08/2017
Dutko, Robert MichaelRN 659212Revoked08/08/2017
Echenwune, Victoria ChinyereRN 762668Voluntary Surrender09/18/2017
Embry, Laura GabrielaLVN 176199Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Erfurth, Amanda JeanLVN 312885Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/08/2017
Evans, Tina LouiseRN 843400Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Ewusie, Dorothy RN 861843Remedial Education08/31/2017
Farmer, Alexis SuzannePTP AR RN R092246Voluntary Surrender08/30/2017
Fifield, Brandy LynnAP127553 & RN 743562Remedial Education with Fine10/12/2017
Fisher, Shedell AliciaLVN 183200Reprimand with Stipulations10/26/2017
Fobe, Angela MankaLVN 228706Revoked08/08/2017
Fombo, Stephania NgumLVN 230189Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Francis-Frank, Lindsay MicheleLVN 216044Revoked09/12/2017
Franklin, Amber HarlowRN 738664Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Freiley, Brandy DiffeeLVN 211298Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Fultz, Jessica ShaeRN 885470 & LVN 312928Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Gakou, Hannah JeanRN 912885Remedial Education09/26/2017
Garbutt, Devany R.LVN 320456Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/12/2017
George, Tina Lynn RN 594748 & PTP AR RN R064939 Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Georgiou, Patrick EvanRN 822080Enforced Suspension10/05/2017
Gieb Davis, Erin ObrienAP121665 & RN 713253Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Gonzalez, Gerardo LVN 181306Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Gosdin, Esther GailRN 646933 & LVN 164212Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Goss, Shane WilliamRN 911293Revoked09/12/2017
Graboski, Christina LynnRN 769060Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Graeter, Mickey MarieLVN 148221Reprimand with Stipulations09/12/2017
Gray, Britni JaneaRN 898594Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Greene, Angela TelisseRN 630676 & LVN 144714Enforced Suspension10/26/2017
Greene, Wanda ReneeRN 653615Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Gregg, Bryce AdamRN 845932 & LVN 220000Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Gregg, Joshua LeeLVN 214993Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Gregory, Stephanie ScalesRN 866234Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Gruberg, Claudia DianeLVN 196407Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Guerra, Michael HarveyRN 730645Enforced Suspension10/26/2017
Gutierrez, Irene RN 846879Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Halley, Rachel ViLVN 210165Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/12/2017
Hamilton, Dianna GailLVN 126658Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Hammernik, Andrea M.PTP WI RN 156010Revoked08/08/2017
Hanna, Melissa AnnLVN 131101Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Harrison, Jared FrederickRN 873069Reprimand with Stipulations08/08/2017
Hayman, Janice IreneRN 595057Limited License with Stipulations10/26/2017
Heos, Karen LouiseLVN 74962Revoked08/08/2017
Hernandez, Alisha MarieLVN 322409Reprimand with Stipulations10/26/2017
Hernandez, Diana PatriciaLVN 201558Revoked08/08/2017
Hernandez, Mary I.LVN 100818Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Herring, Rachel BlairRN 769755Revoked08/08/2017
Herrington, Richard BradleyRN 702787Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Hicks, Mary JaneLVN 188974Voluntary Surrender08/15/2017
Hill, Tammy EileenLVN 185789Remedial Education with Fine08/04/2017
Hodde, Randall EthanRN 866451Reprimand with Stipulations09/12/2017
Hodgson, Nicole LynnLVN 169892Revoked10/26/2017
Holland Cook, Jill CheriRN 768404Remedial Education08/01/2017
Houston, Deidra MichelleLVN 233142Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Howe, Monica AnnRN 609244Reprimand with Stipulations10/26/2017
Huddleston, Kristie CaldwellLVN 315541Reprimand with Stipulations08/08/2017
Huey, Phyllis AnnetteLVN 85530Revoked10/26/2017
Hunt, Paula LynnLVN 141889Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine08/08/2017
Hunter, Benjamin KyRN 731544Revoked10/26/2017
Izuka, Ogechi PatienceRN 880632Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Jackson, Jeremy JayLVN 223159Reprimand with Stipulations10/26/2017
James, Beverly AnneRN 715562Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
James, Samantha PaulineRN 743984 & LVN 204422Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/12/2017
Jiles, Chantel LashurnRN 633959Remedial Education with Fine10/31/2017
Johnson, Cody ZachariahRN 820043Suspend/Probate08/08/2017
Jones, Madriane NicoleRN 911568Reprimand with Stipulations09/12/2017
Jones, Robin AngellaLVN 191285Voluntary Surrender09/25/2017
Joseph, Patricia C.LVN 312906Remedial Education, Deferred10/10/2017
Kampa, Sheila MarieRN 784434Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/12/2017
Kelly, Paula MRN 664373Suspend/Probate10/26/2017
Kennedy, Tabitha J.LVN 321612Remedial Education with Fine08/15/2017
King, Amanda PTP NM RN-75098Voluntary Surrender10/23/2017
King, Dallas ReneeLVN 224864Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Kingori, Martin RN 758948 & LVN 213390Voluntary Surrender09/21/2017
Klima, Rebecca RuthLVN 145261Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Knight, Shananne ReneeRN 813441 & LVN 301943Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Knox, Carol AnnRN 620709Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Koroma, Sebatu LVN 326828Remedial Education09/27/2017
Kratochvil, Virginia DenieseLVN 140247Revoked08/08/2017
Lane, Jessica CathrenaRN 857975Reprimand with Stipulations08/08/2017
Lawrence, Lynsay NicholeRN 779449Voluntary Surrender10/05/2017
Leach, Ladara RN 638605Remedial Education09/07/2017
Lee, Marchelle DianeRN 698549Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Lesane, Mekall DorisRN 825422Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Lewis, Esther SalinasLVN 69134Remedial Education with Fine10/10/2017
Lewis, Nicole ReneeRN 671787Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Lewis, Patricia RN 641972Revoked10/26/2017
Lewis, Stephanie WilliamsLVN 205853Reprimand with Stipulations08/08/2017
Liddle, Sherry LeeLVN 92814Remedial Education10/25/2017
Lira, Lorraine LVN 207358Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Littlefield, Lynne AnsonRN 671633Reprimand with Stipulations10/26/2017
Logan, James VanceRN 256431 & LVN 55851Reprimand with Stipulations10/26/2017
Logg, Kathleen RN 533932 & LVN 100879Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Lopez, Cindy MadgalenaLVN 220751Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/08/2017
Love, Jessica JaneRN 737464Revoked08/08/2017
Lugaresi, Dena MichelleRN 832257Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine09/12/2017
Lum, Regina FletcherRN 645284Revoked09/12/2017
Luna, Daisy RangelLVN 324551Suspend/Probate08/08/2017
Macalalad, Robert GeromeRN 800888Revoked08/08/2017
Mack, Jessica Christina (Navarro)LVN 317848Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Malik, Netra FeliceRN 716200Reprimand with Stipulations09/12/2017
Mangano, Jordan DanielRN 767646Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Manning, Stephen G.RN 614034Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/08/2017
Marin, Joan PatriciaRN 846633 & LVN 303083Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Marr, Brian MichaelLVN 338118Suspend/Probate10/26/2017
Martin, Sarah ElizabethRN 841455Revoked09/12/2017
Martinez Bartee, Adriana RN 841457Reprimand with Stipulations10/26/2017
Martinez, Danial RayRN 681310Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Masih, Shashi RN 626212 & LVN 156261Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Mauricio, Monica LynnLVN 211131Revoked09/12/2017
McCain, Patsy RN 601542Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/08/2017
McElfresh, Ginger MarieRN 713084 & LVN 146357Voluntary Surrender07/19/2017
McGrory, Richard Reardon AP108945 & RN 654157Revoked09/12/2017
McGuire, Jynsea Linea (Askins)LVN 333825Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
McKenna, John MichaelRN 628404Voluntary Surrender10/09/2017
McMeans, Jasper RandallRN 807475 & LVN 167641Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
McNeill, Logan ElizabethRN 891878Suspend/Probate09/12/2017
Mehar, Chondra MarieRN 912369Enforced Suspension09/12/2017
Mendoza, Alejandre RN 798531Suspend/Probate08/08/2017
Mika, Denise StracenerRN 544904Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Moreno, April MarieLVN 311261Revoked08/08/2017
Morgan, Jennifer FloresLVN 224815Revoked08/08/2017
Morrow, Sherrie Lynn (Williams)LVN 303311Reprimand with Stipulations08/08/2017
Mosier, Lynda DarnellLVN 130447Suspend/Probate08/08/2017
Muhle, Cindy RN 657371 & LVN 128114Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Murrell, Linda LouLVN 212566Warning with Stipulations, Deferred08/08/2017
Nchotu, Afanwi AmbeLVN 319997Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/12/2017
Nerren, Leonard DoyleRN 679501 & LVN 178412Suspend/Probate08/08/2017
Newton, Kyle WadeRN 729016Enforced Suspension10/26/2017
Ngalet Djiogan, Annie GiseleLVN 304510Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Nichols, Charlene WaagRN 536212Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Nichols, Deanna DavisRN 703562Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/12/2017
Njagi, Angelius NjoguRN 732027 & LVN 192217Reprimand with Stipulations08/08/2017
Nkhoma, Allan G.RN 771762Reprimand with Stipulations09/12/2017
Nwabueze, Joseph IheonunekwuRN 865965Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Oare-Momodu, Dolly LVN 317268Remedial Education10/25/2017
Ogbunugwu, Catherine ChinweLVN 217481Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Olivas, Ora V.RN 522338Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Onyeforo, Jenny OgechiLVN 304453Voluntary Surrender08/22/2017
Onyekwere, Octavia MarieLVN 218627Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Ordono, Paulyne Dela PenaRN 695740Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Outland, Valerie RN 810160Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Outlaw, Krystal LynnRN 877529 & LVN 205338Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/08/2017
Palomino-Garcia, Elizabeth A.LVN 216905Reprimand with Stipulations08/08/2017
Parke, Robert MichaelRN 883559Warning with Stipulations, Deferred10/26/2017
Paur, Doina RN 894119Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Pena, Brenda Jo GuajardoAP105983 & RN 255149Remedial Education with Fine08/17/2017
Peterson, Angela LynnRN 596793Voluntary Surrender09/14/2017
Pettie, Brandy ShereeLVN 179789Reprimand with Stipulations08/08/2017
Peveler, Lori ReneeLVN 193971Voluntary Surrender10/23/2017
Phan, Ngoc BaoRN 830835Remedial Education10/02/2017
Phillips, Jamie RN 708324Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Pintor, Raymond PaduaLVN 198302Suspend/Probate09/12/2017
Porter, Kristi DeniseRN 838381 & LVN 186514Suspend/Probate10/26/2017
Potter, Tricia LynnRN 863453Remedial Education, Deferred09/25/2017
Ramirez, Guadalupe LVN 134814Revoked08/08/2017
Ramirez, Guillerma LVN 303681Reprimand with Stipulations10/26/2017
Rangel, Shannon MarieLVN 332683Voluntary Surrender10/18/2017
Ray, Melissa RobertsLVN 302509Revoked10/26/2017
Reagan, Kimberly JacquelynnLVN 166539Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Rector, Conny RheaRN 621152Revoked08/08/2017
Reed, Brittany MichelleLVN 187605Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/08/2017
Reeder, Peyton ChenaultRN 836482 & LVN 199367Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Reyes, Jose SilvestreLVN 305455Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Reyes, Raul LVN 195143Revoked08/08/2017
Rez, Shirley AnnLVN 108735Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/12/2017
Risser, Pamela JaneRN 776651Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Robison, Deena RN 638068Voluntary Surrender10/20/2017
Rochon, Quincy AmosRN 868213Enforced Suspension10/26/2017
Rockman, Bryce LeonAP109135 & RN 656292Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Rodgers, Jan KennonLVN 61124Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/12/2017
Rodriguez, Dawn Elizabeth RN 770042 & PTP AZ RN RN156713Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Rojana, Barbara MargaretRN 716601Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Roland, Tracey RebeccaRN 889928Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/08/2017
Ross, Lindsey SusanneRN 702275 & LVN 180954Reprimand with Stipulations08/08/2017
Rous, Alan DuqueRN 784095Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/08/2017
Roy, Eddie LeeLVN 117160Enforced Suspension08/08/2017
Rub, Surrena AlineLVN 305853Revoked08/08/2017
Russell, Rachel BroussardRN 794658Voluntary Surrender09/25/2017
Russell, Roxanne RN 763805Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Russo, Mickey JosephRN 874726Revoked09/12/2017
Ruzic, Paige NicholleRN 824669Voluntary Surrender08/22/2017
Sachetta, Angela LVN 107346Voluntary Surrender09/12/2017
Samra, Sandeep KaurLVN 318771Reprimand with Stipulations10/26/2017
Sanders, Jerom AndreaLVN 308373Remedial Education with Fine08/31/2017
Schilling, LoriLVN 219624Voluntary Surrender07/31/2017
Seals, Tina LVN 326626Revoked08/08/2017
Seeton, Jason ScottRN 807385Revoked08/08/2017
Setorglo, Bright KwasiRN 867785Reprimand with Stipulations08/08/2017
Shyngle, Adellaide OliveRN 823538Reprimand with Stipulations10/26/2017
Simms, Monica JimersonRN 572363 & LVN 119474Reprimand with Stipulations09/12/2017
Simpson, Jade NishaRN 790288Suspend/Probate08/08/2017
Sloan, Cynthia KathleenRN 612800Remedial Education09/11/2017
Smith, Kimberly LeeRN 799954Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine08/08/2017
Smith, Melissa MarieRN 757192 & LVN 206758Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Smith, Tillie M.RN 668008Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Spears, Juli A.RN 684060Voluntary Surrender10/02/2017
Staggs, Dolores MarieRN 235583Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Staley, Chyrissa RosannaRN 607068Suspend/Probate08/08/2017
Staley, Chyrissa RosannaAP122247Enforced Suspension08/08/2017
Staley, Chyrissa RosannaRX 12873Voluntary Surrender08/08/2017
Stephenson, Diane MaryRN 624060Suspend/Probate08/08/2017
StJulien, Trennessa RN 814373Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Stringer, Samantha AmarettoLVN 230070Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Talley, Philip Duane AP127457, RX 17338 & RN 717298 Suspend/Probate09/12/2017
Taylor, Carolyn M.RN 704204Remedial Education with Fine08/23/2017
Tekstar, Elizabeth JeanRN 908502Voluntary Surrender08/04/2017
Terry, Courtney BeigeRN 740048 & LVN 182103Voluntary Surrender08/30/2017
Terry, Kathleen RN 590062Remedial Education with Fine08/10/2017
Tessmer, Allison StacyRN 807330Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Tetheranderson, Amy MelindaLVN 234195Reprimand with Stipulations08/08/2017
Thomas, Sheri LynnRN 761005Remedial Education08/15/2017
Thompson, Annie P.RN 537905 & LVN 67534Voluntary Surrender07/31/2017
Thompson, Joseph ConnorRN 907662Enforced Suspension08/11/2017
Tidwell, Jolinda SueRN 548750 & LVN 118809Voluntary Surrender10/23/2017
Toca, Kim MarieRN 899885Revoked09/12/2017
Toland, Tatum OliviaRN 724429Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Tonyitoyah, Faith AizomoanRN 797307Voluntary Surrender10/16/2017
Trevino, Ruben LeeRN 812664 & LVN 226054Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Tucker, Bethany RN 921835 & LVN 234232Remedial Education with Fine10/19/2017
Tucker, Stacy SmithRN 538816Revoked08/08/2017
Tumbleson, Tara GeneLVN 316630Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Ulomi, Joel NaamaniRN 842801Suspend/Probate10/26/2017
Valigura, Jennifer GailRN 788764Suspend/Probate10/26/2017
Vaughan, Christy McgheeLVN 140340Revoked08/08/2017
Viju, Mariamma RN 674611Voluntary Surrender08/28/2017
Villarreal, Johanna LVN 225959Enforced Suspension09/12/2017
Vogt, Jessica MarieLVN 304474Remedial Education with Fine10/20/2017
Walcott, Kasey LynnRN 687216 & LVN 182348Reprimand with Stipulations08/08/2017
Walters, Marie MichelleRN 620168Voluntary Surrender07/31/2017
Wanner, Denny RayRN 697964 & LVN 176357Revoked10/26/2017
Ward, Amanda L.LVN 172774Warning with Stipulations08/08/2017
Warner, Andrew P.RN 759534Voluntary Surrender08/02/2017
Weems, Dave LinnRN 590199Revoked09/12/2017
Welch, Shannon R.RN 623875Remedial Education with Fine08/31/2017
Wendel, Debra LynnRX 10733Limited: No Controlled Substances09/12/2017
Wendel, Debra LynnAP119603 & RN 634541Suspend/Probate09/12/2017
White, Esther RuthLVN 186341Voluntary Surrender08/08/2017
Whitney, Kristina DianeLVN 318377Remedial Education with Fine08/14/2017
Williams, Kara JoRN 802228Voluntary Surrender08/02/2017
Williams, Kiona MichelleRN 808279Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Williams, Shandra RoshaeLVN 227090Reprimand with Stipulations09/12/2017
Wilson, Burton RobertLVN 212679Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Wilson, Reeta EllenLVN 325705Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/26/2017
Woodard, Lucretica AnnLVN 223126Reprimand with Stipulations08/08/2017
Wright, Baby ElcieLVN 327777Warning with Stipulations09/12/2017
Wright, Vanessa EmilyRN 916084Warning with Stipulations10/26/2017
Zuniga, Maria Del RosarioRN 738487 & LVN 195724 Suspend/Probate10/26/2017